What Should a Rental Invoice Include?

The key to creating a fantastic rental invoice is knowing what to put on the invoice. We make this easy for you by offering a few free downloadable templates you can use to create your invoices, but you’ll still need to supply the right information beyond the tenant’s name.

Your invoices should include all of the pertinent property details such as the address or apartment number. It should include the amount of rent the person is supposed to pay as well as the frequency of the rent. You’ll want to include the date rent is due. Then you need to state when you consider payments late and what, if any, penalty might apply.

If you bundle other services with the base rent, such as electricity or internet, you’ll want to have this stated on the invoice as well. You will want to make sure you include the methods of payment you accept as well so there is no confusion about any details.

Choose Templates Specifically Designed for Landlords

You want your invoice to look good, so you won’t want to choose just any invoice template to use. Most of them are going to include sections that aren’t relevant to rental properties. Some won’t have space for everything you want to include on the invoice.

To create an amazing invoice you’re proud to send to your tenants, check out templates specifically designed for landlords. These templates have your needs in mind and were created specifically for your business. We offer the templates you need to create an invoice easily and quickly.

Easily Send an Invoice to Your Tenants

Once you’ve created the perfect invoice, you need an easy way to send it to your tenants. It’s possible for you to print the invoice and mail it to each tenant or deliver it to their door. You can also save the invoice in a PDF format and email it to them. They can later print it on their own if they’d like a copy for their records.

If you’re ready to start sending invoices to your tenants for the rent due, make sure you have an invoice that looks great and contains all of the needed information. Our invoice generator or app will help you create a rental invoice you can use for all of your tenants. Take a look at our invoice generator or other templates today to learn more.