What is an Itemized Bill?

An itemized bill is one that has the total broken down into individual items or categories. The price for each category is then written and total added up at the bottom.

These bills make it easy for you to track what work you will do for the client. You may refer back to these bills for accounting purposes later as well. On the other hand, clients can see how you use their money.

Itemized bill with large margins and blue theme The invoice should be detailed enough so the client can understand what they’re paying for yet the descriptions should be brief so the bill still looks clean and well-presented. This will help justify your price to customers.

A happy customer is a repeat customer!

What Should Your Itemized bill Include?

Invoices should include:

  • your details such as contact information
  • what the client is purchasing
  • subtotals for each thing they’re purchasing
  • any taxes or other fees
  • the final total
  • Finally include the due date as well as payment methods you accept.

Explain how your payment works, such as by hour or by item or task. If you’re offering products, break down the total to each individual product. Include how many of each product they’ll purchase as well as how much each one costs and the total for each product they purchase.

Pay Attention to the Format of Your Bill

A bill that’s itemized should be neatly organized so it’s easy for you to refer to it in the future and easy for your client to understand. You’re going to want to ensure you use a template to clearly organize all of the information you need for your invoice and ensure it looks well done so you’re proud to give it to your customers.

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