When and How Should You Send a Donation Receipt?

You will want to send a donation receipt at the end of the year to remind your donors of the contributions they made throughout the year. You can print and sign the donation receipt or send it through email, depending on your preferences. It’s a good idea to create a template you can use whether you want to send electronic receipts or if you’ll be printing and mailing them so you can ensure the formatting is correct for each one.

What Info Should Your Donation Receipt Have?

Your receipt may be used by your donor to show they made charitable donations throughout the year. You’ll want to make sure you have everything necessary in their receipt so they can use it for their taxes. To do this, make sure you include your charity information, their name, a summary of their contributions, the total for their contributions, and your signature.

You will want to list the cash amounts donated as well as the type of products or services donated to your charity. You can just create a general list of their contributions. This gives them an idea of how many times they donated and what they donated. A total at the end of the detailed list makes it easy for them to see exactly how much they donated to your charity throughout the year.

How Can You Make the Receipt Look Good?

Make sure you pay careful attention to the layout of your receipt. You may want to add a logo, if applicable, so it’s easy for the donor to see who sent the receipt to them without having to read through the receipt. If you plan on printing the receipts, make sure they’re printer-friendly.

We’ve got a whole collection of different free and printer friendly receipt templates here, for everything from cash receipts to rent receipts.

Consider making the receipt look more like a letter so it looks more personal than a typical receipt (use our receipt maker to do this easily). However, this is not necessary if you’d prefer it looks more like a receipt. Consider which way you’ll want to create the receipt based on your charity type and what you think your donors might prefer.

You’ll want to make sure you create a template you can use to send your donation receipts at the end of the year. We can help you make sure your receipts include everything and look fantastic. Use our online receipt maker to start creating the perfect donation receipt for your charity to use today. Your donors are really going to appreciate the receipt you send them at the end of the year.