As an iOS engineer at Invoice Simple you’ll be responsible for our iOS app, writing code in Objective C, and Javascript (React Native). You’ll work on features from conception to deployment, interfacing with product management, analytics, and customer support, to understand and improve the impact of new features. Today our code is all in Objective C, and initially this position is 100% native. As we move to React Native, you’ll initially be responsible for react-native integrations on the iOS side, and later writing cross platform features in react native.

While our apps are very highly rated in both stores, and frequently praised by users, we still have a long way to go!. Tens of thousands of users depend on them every day to run their business. To grow the business, we need to leap ahead of the competition. Thats where you come in! If you can build incredible mobile apps then we need to talk.

The role

  • Own and execute features at all layers – UI, client-server communication, database, test automation and SDK.
  • Contribute to all phases of product development – roadmap, requirements, design, release, QA & customer support.
  • Release frequently
  • Data driven. Use metrics and analytics to understand users and identify opportunities.
  • Customer satisfaction. Respond to customer support requests, understand users’ needs, build a product people love.
  • Not just code. Take on any task that comes your way so we can hit our goals.

Requirements for Success

  • Experience writing modern iOS apps from scratch
  • Natural problem solver, with an inquisitive personality, and enjoy the challenge figuring out solutions that work for users
  • Be energized by working alongside customers to determine what solution best fits their needs.
  • Excited to think outside the box (and your job description) to succeed
  • Willing to challenge your own ideas and preconceptions with experiments and data
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (or a related field) OR equivalent experience.

Our Tech Stack

  • NodeJS (Backend), Objective-C, Java & React Native (Mobile), React (Web)
  • We love Typescript!
  • Heroku, AWS
  • Postgres, Mongo, and Google BigQuery


We'd love to be impressed! Please show us what you can do by completing challenge and including it with your application

You'll receive a confirmation email from us after applying, if you want to add anything to your application please reply to that email. If you have any questions you can reach us at

Here's what we offer

  • Ownership

    We've been profitable every quarter since the beginning of 2015, and we've been growing significantly non stop. While we're not planning to be acquired, everyone has stock options so that if and when that happens we can all benefit!

  • High end hardware

    Need something to make your work more productive or enjoyable? Just let us know. Macbook Pros with 16gb RAM and 512GB SSD drives are standard. Most of use use dual 24" widescreen monitors, and wireless keyboard & mouse. Our test devices include the iPhone X and Pixel 2.

  • Ergnomoics

    Health is important! our chairs are all Herman Miller, if you want to stand (or sit/stand) that works too.

  • Team lunches

    Once a week we order in from various tasty restaurants in Downtown using local startup, and often head out in Gastown, Nuba, Sushi Den & Dirty Apron are some of our favourites.

  • Great location

    We're a stone's throw from the skytrain, and on several bus routes. Our office is right downtown in Gastown, we have six great coffee spots within a block, countless lunch options, bars etc.

  • Company retreats

    We schedule getaways for a couple of days during the week, to spend time as a team outside the office, and to brainstorm and discuss future plans! Our next retreat is in Whistler at a beautiful chalet by the mountain.

  • Christmas off

    Everyone gets the week between Christmas and New Year's off paid on top of their vacation

  • No red-tape

    We're small focused team, each of us are good at what we do. We don't spend a lot of time in meetings. If you need access to something, just ask. If you have some ideas about how to improve something, we'd love to make that happen!

Invoice Simple Team

We love building great software and solving challenging problems

  • Alex Black Founder and CEO Previously Alex was co-founder of (a product recommendation engine) where he helped grow the business from 0 to 2MM monthly organic visits before it was acquired.
  • Soroush Khodaii Head of Growth Engineering Soroush has a passion for building and growing businesses. He's co-founded companies in the mobile and data analytics space.
  • Liz Steward VP Marketing & Growth Liz is a B2B marketing leader with 12 years’ experience driving growth in tech companies. She's passionate about connecting people with the right technology to solve their problems. Liz is a keen traveller, an amateur mountaineer, and a mom. She's also has been part of the leadership teams behind two successful Vancouver startup acquisitions.
  • Adam Maddox Founding engineer, Web Adam enjoys making users happy by building simple easy apps. Previously he founded and ran Gastown Labs, which for 8 years helped small startups and large companies capture new opportunities available from the App Store and web. On the rare occasion he's not coding, you can find him fixing up a century old house or surfing.
  • Stephen Loughton Mobile Engineer Steve is a recording engineer turned software developer loves building intuitive UI/UX, writing clean code, and exploring new technology. He makes loud music with friends and hangs out with a cool dog.
  • Nikita Kolmogorov iOS Engineer Built over 30 iOS apps for various companies and brands using a wide spread of technologies. If not present at the Invoice Simple office, can be found doing airsoft, ballroom dancing or coding for fun making other people's lives better.
  • Saulo Tauil Backend Engineer Saulo has been working with software development for quite a bit and has a diverse experience in the industry, always pushing himself out of the comfort zone. He also enjoys cooking for friends, wine tasting, and outdoor activities
  • Elijah Bucher Growth Engineer Found a passion for programming early and began developing Android apps from a young age. When not writing code Eli is either climbing up cliffs or skiing off them
  • Johnathan Harms Android Engineer Johnathan has spent the last few years building Android apps, with a particular focus on great UX. When not programming Johnathan can be found watching movies, playing video games, or just hanging out with friends.

About Invoice Simple

  • friendly smart people

    Growing and Profitable

    Invoice Simple is one of the fastest growing startups in Vancouver, and unlike most we're growing on revenue, not investment.

  • tough problems

    Operating at Scale

    Working at Invoice Simple means when we deploy code it gets used instantly by hundreds of thousands of people. Our growth and usability ab tests run quickly. Our infrastructure runs people's businesses, and needs to stay up

  • great opportunity

    Software for individuals

    Working at Invoice Simple you can have a direct and immediate impact on people's lives. Our customers are typically sole proprietors, and rely on us to build software that just works.

  • right benefits

    World Class

    We're aiming high. We're aggressive in pursuing our goals including growth, usability and customer satisfaction. We're going to out-market, out-design and out-execute the competition.

Open positions

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What our customers say

We spend a lot of time talking to our customers.

  • I love this app. It has made my business grow and given me the confidence to be paid what I am worth. It’s a tool for those serious about making a good impression and being professional…


    Juan Moran

  • By far the best app for invoicing & keeping track of my clients. I’ve tried several but the ease of this one is top notch and has all the features any service or small business would want. Thank you!


    Chris Owens

  • Absolutely amazing app! Makes invoicing so much easier, more organized, efficient, and quick! Certainly makes documenting palatable. Look no further. This app does it all. Must have!


    Richard Pinkerton

  • Fast and easy way to send a professional looking invoice from my customer’s front yard!


    Kevin McAlevy