Why use Invoice Simple?

Time is money. Invoices should make you money, not waste your time. Let Invoice Simple do the work for you—we are the invoice experts!

With Invoice Simple, you can: 

Invoice like a pro

You can create detailed, professional invoices on your laptop or phone. Then, simply email, text, or print your invoices with the click of a mouse or a swipe of your finger. 

Additionally, our invoicing software lets you turn estimates into invoices instantly: on the job, at home, or anywhere in between. This flexibility allows for a seamless workflow and less wasted time.

Get your invoices paid faster  

The faster your invoices arrive, the faster you get paid. You can add your preferred payment method to the invoice itself to make sure you get paid when you want. Our invoicing software lets you specify whether you accept credit card or other electronic payment methods.

Keep your invoices organized 

With our invoice software, all of your past invoices are easily accessible. Keeping comprehensive records of past clients makes creating new invoices a snap! These records also allow you to check what invoices are outstanding and send reminders to clients who haven’t paid. 

You can see which invoices have been read by your clients and keep track of payment schedules. These schedules let you stay on top of late payments when they occur. You can keep all your records in our secure database or download invoices in PDF format to archive or print.

What makes an invoice complete? 

An invoice is a commercial document that you issue to a client. The document itemizes transactions between the two parties and includes payment amounts and terms. An invoice is like a contract, detailing the goods or services you will provide and how and when your client is obligated to pay you.

Invoices can be just as important to your business as a contract, and they are just as important to get right. 

An invoice requires three elements: your company information, your client information, and the detailed terms of the product or service you provide. If any of these elements are missing, you may not get paid. If any of these is incomplete, it may take much longer for you to receive your payment. 

Making sure your invoice includes complete and accurate information is critical. You should itemize the goods or services you are providing, but there is more to an invoice than that. 

Consider the following elements that may apply to your invoice or payment process:

  • Taxes
  • Discounts
  • Invoice number
  • Client contact information
  • Expected time frame for payment and delivery
  • Penalties for either party’s failure to comply with their side of the bargain
  • Currency (especially when dealing with international clients)

Let Invoice Simple keep track of all those details so you don’t have to. 

At the end of the day, Invoice Simple is your solution to writing a perfect invoice on time, every time.  

What does your invoice say about you?

An invoice is a commercial document that you issue to your client, but it is also a reflection of the thoroughness and professionalism of your business. 

An invoice acts as the face of your company. Often, your invoice provides your client’s first impression of your professionalism, and you want to put your best foot forward. Your invoice represents you and your business, so why not ensure that it is the best it can be? 

Let Invoice Simple help. We are the invoice experts. 

  • Taxes? We’ve got it covered. You can select the tax rate per item or calculate it as part of the total. 
  • Invoice tracking? Check! Our software can automatically generate an invoice number or let you make your own. You can see which invoices have been read and stay on top of any late payments. 
  • Multiple currencies? InvoiceSimple can create an invoice in almost any currency.
  • Multiple languages? Create an invoice in one of many available languages. 
  • Special elements? Your generated invoices can keep track of discounts and other unique or tricky notes.

You can look like an invoice pro, whether you choose to use one of our many downloadable invoice templates or our invoice generating software to create a customized invoice featuring your company’s logo. 

At Invoice Simple, our business is helping you do business.

Invoice Simple’s Three Simple Options

Invoice Generator Our invoice generator keeps track of the details so you don’t have to. It is simple enough to generate your invoice quickly, yet easily customized for any service, product, or industry.
Invoice Templates Choose from our many customizable invoicing templates for specific industry applications. You can add your own company logo, photos, notes, signatures, and more.
Track Your Invoices  Our software platform allows you to access your invoices securely no matter where you are. You can track whether clients have received the invoice as well as who has paid.

Essential Invoicing Features

Invoice Templates