Send unlimited, customized invoices  

The Premium plan means no limit on how many invoices you can create and send every month. And you get exclusive access to a range of professionally crafted templates you can choose from to customize your invoices for your unique business.

  • Create and send professionally crafted invoices: As many as you need!
  • Instantly turn estimates into invoices, so you can go about your busy day.
  • Access premium template options to further customize your invoices and build your brand identity.

Accept deposits, increase cash flow opportunities 

Got a big project coming up? Start getting paid now when you request a deposit from your customer. Perfect for freeing up cash and giving your customers more payment options and flexibility.

  • Accept deposits of 10% to 50% of the invoice total when you’re set up to receive payments through Invoice Simple Payments.
  • Easily request deposits via the Invoice Simple mobile or web app.
  • Check on the status of invoice totals and deposit amounts, so you always know exactly where your finances stand.
  • Have more money in your pocket today, rather than waiting for one lump sum at the end of a project.

Speed up client approvals and get to work 

With Invoice Simple Premium, you can request signatures from your clients where they are most likely to be—their mobile phones! It’s a great way to streamline communication and speed up the estimating process.

  • Reach your customers wherever they are when it’s time to approve estimates.
  • Turn on the “Request clients to sign estimates” button in the app once, and customers will automatically receive signature requests when you send their estimates.
  • Keep estimates moving so you can get the ok and start working.

Plan Comparison

Essentials Start Now Plus Start Now Premium Start Now
Invoices per month Up to 3 Up to 10 Unlimited
Estimates Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Online Payments
(Available in US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Philippines)
Top-rated mobile app
Credit card processing by Invoice Simple Payments
QR code payments (when printing invoices)
Template customization
Add photos
Request customer ratings
Accept deposits
Client signatures
Premium templates
Views & Reporting
Real-time read receipts
Expense tracker
Autofill client & item info
Due date reminders
Business summary reports
Chat with specialist
Email our support team
1st response priority

Ready to Go Premium? 

Unlock all of Invoice Simple’s features with the Premium plan. Send your first invoice for free!

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Why do I need unlimited invoices? 

If it’s possible you’ll need to create and send more than 10 invoices monthly, then unlimited is the way to go. That way, you’ll never need to stress about if you have enough invoices left in your plan.  

With Invoice Simple Premium, you can simply create and send as many invoices as you need on demand.   

How can accepting digital client signatures speed up the estimate process?

You can streamline the estimate process when you accept digital signatures from your clients. This means your customers can approve your estimate anywhere, at any time. You won’t need to meet in person or waste any paper in the process. And when estimates are approved, you can get to work faster. 

It’s important to note, however, that client signatures are intended for presentation purposes only and should not be considered a legally binding contract. 

Why choose Invoice Simple Premium?

Our Premium plan is tailor-made for the growing business that needs to do more than simply create estimates and invoices. You have a high volume of transactions each month, and to account for this, you need access to an unlimited number of invoices. 

You’re also looking to optimize your workflows and organization as business continues to boom. You want access to the top-of-the-line invoice templates, as well as the ability to request client signatures and deposits easily.  

If all of this sounds right, Invoice Simple Premium is for you. You’ll get everything included in the Essentials and Plus plans, as well as all the premium features you need. 

What’s the best way to manage my invoices? 

Your growing small business needs an invoice management system in order to stay organized and efficient. Invoice Simple Plus makes that process easy.

The Invoice Simple app stores all your client details and invoicing info in one central place. This way, you can monitor payments and send follow-up messages when needed.

You’ll also need to monitor your income, which is easy to do with Invoice Simple’s automatically generated monthly and yearly business reports.