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What should be on a photography invoice?

When using a photography invoice template, you should include all of the information a client might need:

  • How to contact you (for future work).
  • Cost breakdown of what they owe you.
  • The total amount due.
  • The project date.
  • Payment instructions.

The total cost should be broken down into subsections. This way, your client can see exactly what they’re spending money on and can easily understand how much they’ll pay for your services.

Since this is a photography invoice, clients will expect your invoice to look professional and beautiful.

How do I address travel costs in an invoice?

If you need to travel for a photo session, you’ll want to address your travel costs in the invoice. You may bill per hour traveled or per mile, depending on your preference. Make sure you specify that the costs are travel-related as well as how you determine the travel cost and what the total cost of travel might be.

If you need to include other travel-related expenses, such as food or hotel rooms, make sure this is clearly shown in your invoice. This way, your client knows how much of the total cost relates to your services and you can retain your profit margin.

What attachments are typically included with photography invoices?

If you have additional expenses that will be passed onto the client, you’ll want to attach receipts to the invoice. Make sure you reference the receipts in the invoice and include all necessary receipts for the photo project so your client can easily reference them as needed. This includes equipment rental expenses.

What licensing information should I include in photography invoices?

You’re going to want to include some licensing information on your invoices. This can be brief, and let the client know they can reference your contract with them for more specific information. You’ll at least want to include the basics on your invoice. This will help the client see how they can use the photos you take after they’ve paid for them.

You want your photography invoice to include all of the information your clients might need to see what they’ll be required to pay. We make it easy for you to create the invoice you need. Check out our invoice generator today to create an invoice that’s going to work well for your photography business.

Why would I need an events invoice template?

Show all your deliverables and hourly charges as well with this event photography invoice. Whether you are heading to a conference, trade show, corporate anniversary, or even a retirement dinner, we got you covered.

Why do I need a freelance photography invoice template?

If you’re a freelance photographer, one of the best things you can do is deliver your work instantly. This allows your clients to share it right away on their social media. Some photographers even charge extra for this little service, so feel free to add it.

Why do I need a real estate invoice template?

It’s important to lay out your charges in a nice professional manner. Whether you are charging for shooting several property videos or just an image portfolio of the various rooms, now you can show them in a clear and concise manner.

Why do I need a portrait invoice template?

Capturing someone’s portrait is nothing short of an art form. Now you can charge your clients for the actual portraits plus additional costs like location, clothes, frame size, and more.

Why do I need a wedding invoice template?

Proudly list your work using this free wedding photography invoice. You can even add details such as photographic coverage time, number of proofs/images, the option of online viewing, and more.

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