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How do I make a good graphic design invoice?

Your Graphic design invoice should look clean and easy to read. It shouldn’t overwhelm the client with too much information but should include everything that’s important for your records and for them to understand your charges. When you’re creating the invoice, pay attention to the layout and consider how you’re going to bill for your work.

Make sure you include your business logo, address, and other information they might need, such as your phone number or email address. Include your website if you have one. You’ll want to include your client’s name and information, an invoice number, and the date of the invoice. You’ll also want the invoice total to be in an easy-to-spot location.

What’s the layout for a graphic design invoice?

We provide clean, simple layout options for your invoice. Include your logo and information at the top, where it’s easy for the client to see. Then, include their name, the date of the invoice, and other important information. From there, you’ll want to break down the project and the costs.

Break down your project into subcategories that make sense for the project, and include descriptions as needed. Provide the cost based on how you’re billing the client and the total price for each section of the project. At the bottom of the invoice, total the services and include any tax as necessary. Subtract any amount they’ve already paid and show the final amount they owe for your services.

How do I bill for my graphic design projects?

You’re going to want to make sure you consider how you’re billing for your graphic design services before you create the invoice. You’re generally going to choose a set fee or hourly rate for each part of the project.

If you’re planning on charging clients set fees for various parts of the projects you work on, break down the invoice into those parts and write the cost for each one, then add them together to get the total. If you’re planning on charging an hourly price, write down which part of the project you worked on, the number of hours you spent on it, your hourly rate, and the total cost for each part of the project.

Your invoice reflects your business and should look fantastic yet be easy for you to fill out and provide to your clients. Check out our online invoice generator or app (Android, iOS) today to see how easy it is to use our templates and create a fantastic invoice for your business.

Are there resources to learn how to make an invoice?

For more information on which fields are required for an invoice, check out our how to make an invoice guide.

Why do I need an hourly rate invoice template?

This template is adjusted for hourly billing. It has fewer rows, but they are slightly larger. Perfect for when you only have one or two items to put on your graphic design invoice, which typically happens with graphic design projects.

What printing size should I use to print an excel invoice template?

Why do I need a fixed-rate invoice template?

What’s different about a printable invoice template?

If you want to print your invoice, then it’d be best to go with a simpler black-and-white version. This one has all the same elements as the others. Only the colors have been stripped out for easier printing.

Why would I need a sample web design invoice template?

When designing a website, sometimes it could take some time before you agree on the final web design. That’s why you might need a few of these sample web design templates. Don’t forget to add your taxes and additional details, like your GST number.

Why would I need a custom logo invoice template?

Designing a custom logo is hard work, and the process can be daunting. It’s best to charge on an hourly basis, so you are compensated for your time. Also, make sure you send your logo in the desired format (.PDF, .PSD, etc.).

What’s different about a modern-style invoice template?

Just a simple yet modern look to help you fulfill your graphic design invoicing needs. Great for first-timers and full-time designers as well.

Why would I need a t-shirt job invoice template?

Using a heat press? Well, this is the perfect one for all your t-shirt design needs. If it applies, don’t forget to mention the t-shirt material (Cotton, Nylon, etc.), size, and gender/style as well.

Why would I need a poster design invoice template?

The dimensions and colors of a poster play an important role. Here you can easily show them as individual tasks or even combine them to charge your client an “all-inclusive” price.

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